Tuesday, April 16, 2013


There are many different types of jobs.
Some people work on farms, some work in offices.
Other people work in shops or factories.

Do you remember the jobs we studied last year?

Firefighter: She/He puts out fires.
Cook (chef): She/He cooks food.
Dentist: She/He looks after our teeth.
Plumber: She/He repairs pipes.
Farmer: She/He looks after animals and plants.
Hairdresser: She/He cuts or combs our hair.
Mechanic: She/He repairs cars.
Doctor: She/He looks after our health.
Nurse: She/He takes care of us (patients).
Waitress/Waiter: She/He serves us drinks and food.
Policewoman/Policeman: She/He protects us.
Shop assistant: She/He sells us things.
Street cleaner: She/He cleans the streets.
Teacher: She/He teaches children new things.
Vet: She/He is a doctor for animals.
Housewife: She/He looks after the house.
House cleaner: She/He cleans other people’s houses.
Postwoman/Postman: She/He delivers letters.
Taxi driver: She/He drives us places.
Bus driver: She/He drives us places.
Truck driver: She/He drives things to places.
Pilot: She/He flies planes.
Football player: She/He plays football.
Singer: She/He sings.
Cumputer programmer: She/He works with computers.
Builder: She/He builds houses.
Carpenter: She/He makes wood furniture.
Astronaut: She/He flies to space.
Miner: She/He searches minerals.
Fisherman: She/He catches fish.
Clown: She/He makes children laugh.

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