Monday, September 17, 2012


Here you have the jobs we have been learning:
Firefighter: She/He puts out fires.
Cook (chef): She/He cooks food.
Dentist: She/He looks after our teeth.
Plumber: She/He repairs pipes.
Farmer: She/He looks after animals and plants.
Hairdresser: She/He cuts or combs our hair.
Mechanic: She/He repairs cars.
Doctor: She/He looks after our health.
Nurse: She/He takes care of us (patients).
Waitress/Waiter: She/He serves us drinks and food.
Policewoman/Policeman: She/He protects us.
Shop assistant: She/He sells us things.
Street cleaner: She/He cleans the streets.
Teacher: She/He teaches children new things.
Vet: She/He is a doctor for animals.
Housewife: She/He looks after the house.
House cleaner: She/He cleans other people’s houses.
Postwoman/Postman: She/He delivers letters.
Taxi driver: She/He drives us places.
Bus driver: She/He drives us places.
Truck driver: She/He drives things to places.
Pilot: She/He flies planes.
Football player: She/He plays football.
Singer: She/He sings.
Cumputer programmer: She/He works with computers.
Builder: She/He builds houses.
Carpenter: She/He makes wood furniture.
Astronaut: She/He flies to space.
Miner: She/He searches minerals.
Fisherman: She/He catches fish.
Clown: She/He makes children laugh.

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